The Mission

What are we doing?

Musical tastes change. It is said that what you listen to early in life is what you’ll prefer for the rest of your life. But then you’ll find yourself bopping your head along to a song that just hit the charts last week.

This project started with a deceptively hard question: “If you listened to everything on a One Hit Wonder album except for the hit, would you find anything else that might resonate today?”  

Our mission: listen to the albums of every One Hit Wonder who hit the Top Ten of the US or Canada, excluding the one hit, and rate the rest of the album.  

There’s definitely music we’ve never heard before, and we bet you haven’t either. Maybe we’ll find some gold, or something that is in the roots of another famous song. Maybe we’ll find headaches and sadness. 

Check for updates every Friday! And then again on Saturday if we forget.

Who Are We?

What makes us think that we can do this?


Total years of music listening experience


Functionality of our senses


Music streaming subscriptions


Support our spouses have given us to do…this


Father. Gamer. Valedictorian. Audiophile. Record collector. Member of Prince fan club. Aspiring writer. Sufferer of fools.


Father. Blogger. Holder of degree in Theatre Studies. As musically diverse as a rush hour Oldies Radio station. “Weird Al” enthusiast.

“I’ve known them for years and they are real people.”

Actual Person We Know

“Scott and Weh-Ming are basically the same person except they are two very different people with some overlapping hobbies and cultural touchstones.”


“Ha ha ha. Of course I’m me. Preposterous. <doubt_response_17>”