One Hit Wonders

The Best of the Rest

We had to make some difficult choices deciding which One Hit Wonder (Or OHW) to review. If we tried to do all of them, we’d be swamped and would just cherry pick the ones we’d like to listen to. Make the definition too restrictive and we risk not finding anything new at all.

In the interest of keeping it interesting without overwhelming, our definition is an artist who broke the top 10 in the US or Canada but had no follow up hit song or record. Our sincerest apologies to the rest of the global village.

How We Score

Each of us can assign a point score to each song from 1-5, but we can only use each score once (only one 5 point song, one 4 point, etc).

Songs we have both given points to fall under the “Icing on the Cake” section, and we both comment on why we liked it.

If only one of us assigns points to a song, it falls under the “What we would put on our personal mixtapes” section. The point giver will comment why they liked it, and the non-point giver will offer a rebuttal.

The Wonders

Love and Rockets

Everything except “So Alive” – something goth-ic-ish to get you in the Halloween spirit!


Everything except “Whip It” – hold on to your Energy Dome Hats!


Everything except “Orinoco Flow” – It’s not just a river in Venezuela.

Tommy Tutone

Everything except “867-5309/Jenny” – Thank goodness for Caller ID.

Bobby McFerrin

Everything except “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” – don’t tell us what to do!

Dexys Midnight Runners

Everything except “Come On Eileen” – our first foray into the 80’s.

Barenaked Ladies

Everything except “One Week” – It’s been one week since our last review.


Everything except “Unbelievable” – it’s actually very believable.

White Town

Everything except “Your Woman” – we literally can’t even.


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