Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes Part II: The Changening

Putting the “FUN” back in “This fun thing is hard to do right now”

Scott and I have been having some fun with the site and we want that fun to keep going. We previously posted about some changes that were coming and hoping to come. Changes take time and effort, and if we want to do them right, they take a lot of both.

Neither of us want this to become a chore though. As soon as it becomes a chore, then we’re going to start avoiding it. Not to say that it couldn’t become work – if there is one thing Scott and I are quite good at, it’s having fun at work. But chores are boring…choring if you will. We want to keep the magic alive for you and for us.

So we’re making some changes.

Your love is such a thrill

But your love won’t pill our bills. Yet, anyway.

We love our site and we have big dreams and plans for it, but we are also realistic. We need money, and, until our ship comes in (said ship is a giant multi-national who purchases our website and the content for enough money that we both never have to do anything we don’t feel like ever again), we are stuck working for a living.

We have day jobs and families and this website in the middle.

My worst day

We were both in a pretty bad place at our place of work for the last year. Honestly, it was for longer than that, but previously there was a glimmer of hope. More recently we had to acknowledge things had gotten so bad that it was extremely unlikely we’d be happy there again. #Exxodus.

Then the worst thing ever happened: Scott left me. Some of you will know the pain of your work spouse leaving you. Your work spouse is the person who you spend the most time with at work to the point where people start to only associate you with the other. Normally, this funny. When eating lunch alone, people will wander by and say “Hey, where is your other half?” Or if one of us is out of the office, they’ll ask the other how we’re doing.

For those of you lucky enough to not have to go through it, when your work-spouse leaves it stinks. Because now, you get people who are about to make a joke about your “other half” who realize too late that you’re alone again and say things lie “Hey! Where’s… oh… yeah… how are you doing?” I’ve never been divorced, but I’m pretty sure that’s what it feels like (except instead of losing half your stuff, you often end up gaining all their work).

Scott leaving suuuuuucked hard.

Motivation was my motivation

At this point, one of us is exhausted from learning a new role and the other is wiped out after long days of being sad as heck in a place that’s just terrible. It’s not easy to keep each other motivated during that, and we knew it wasn’t going to be sustainable.

So what else could I do? I resigned and took a position where Scott’s working, that’s what I do!

Don’t judge me. In a romantic comedy, this is exactly the sort of thing that happens and it’s totally okay and not creepy at all. Not that there’s any romance here. More like a… bromantic comedy? Bromedy?

I start next week. All reports from Scott are that people are way less sad/angry (sangry?) all day. This plus my new role is something that I really love doing means everything is resolved!

Almost everything is resolved

Right, everything is resolved except for what we’re going to do here. It adds another layer of concern: Now we’re both going to be exhausted getting our new roles under our feet, how are we going to maintain our weekly schedule?

We’re not going to

We’re going to take some time and reduce our workload. We are moving our OHW posts to once a month (date to be determined), though we may still post something in the blog from time to time.

We also need to look back at the posts we’ve done and see what worked and what hasn’t. We still hope to get some new voices on here, please let us know if you’re interested in writing something (even a one off!).

We don’t want to just fritter this time away, we’d rather slow down a little bit so we can come back with an improved format or features.

Thank you all for reading and your ongoing support. It means the world to us!

just like Arnold always says…

“Rubber baby buggy bumpers.”

Jack Slater – “Last Action Hero”

You weren’t expecting that, were you?

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