Madonna – The Immaculate Collection

What has been added to my collection?

Madonna – The Immaculate Collection (1990) on CD

Why was it added?

I owned this CD many, many years ago back in my university days, and it’s one of a few that somehow found legs and walked off on their own at some point. I’ve always kind of wanted to re-add it to my collection. My Madonna days are behind me (I dropped off after Ray of Light), but I still have a fondness for the late 80’s and 90’s material. When I found it for $1 on Facebook Marketplace, it seemed that the time was right to reconnect with this album. It’s as good as I remembered.

The Music

There are just so many great songs on this album. There’s a run in the second half – “Like a Prayer”, “Express Yourself”, “Cherish”, and “Vogue” – that is just killer. Feet to the fire, I think I’d probably choose “Cherish” as my favourite. A lot of the detractors of this collection of songs don’t like that these aren’t the original versions. I happen to love the versions on it – they feel internally coherent. This isn’t surprising since Shep Pettibone remixed pretty much the whole thing and did his usual killer job of it.


This is one of two CDs I own mastered in QSound (the other being Sting’s The Soul Cages) and honestly think it really adds to the music. It has a presence and a sound stage that’s quite unique and has to be heard to be appreciated. I’m uncertain whether the streaming version or the vinyl have this same mastering, but when I listened to the Spotify version, it honestly sounded like a pale imitation of the CD. 

I’m so glad I never did away with my CD collection!

Yeah But What Else

Will I collect more Madonna? I’ve already got a pretty good selection of Maxi-Singles and the albums that I care to own on CD. She’s had some great stuff since then – Hung Up is amazing, building on that great Abba foundation – but I don’t think I’ll be seeking it out. Honestly, this collection is good enough that if I ever find a good pressing for a great price, I might just pick it up on vinyl too.

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