Joy Division- Unknown Pleasures

What has been added to my collection?

Joy Division- Unknown Pleasures (1979) on Vinyl

Why was it added?

I’ve been a huge fan of New Order for years. It took a lot longer for me to come to appreciate Joy Division. It’s not as easily consumed – it is a lot darker in both composition and content. I came to New Order by way of “Blue Monday” and “Bizarre Love Triangle”, which bear virtually no resemblance to Joy Division. I’ve learned to appreciate Joy Division as its own thing, and appreciate it I do.

Because of the untimely death of lead singer Ian Curtis in 1980, there are only two studio albums by the band, this being the first. Incidentally, their sophomore effort was added to my collection earlier this year. Maybe it’ll merit its own entry!

The Music

There are a lot of great tracks on this album, which manages a coherent sound without feeling repetitive. A year ago, “She’s Lost Control” would probably have gotten the nod for my favourite track, but I’m really digging “Disorder” now.


Another Boxing Day pick-up, this one was from another local shop – Frank’s Music. While it wasn’t half price, I knew I’d be picking it up eventually, so why not take advantage of a small discount? The album itself came in a nicely textured jacket with the iconic radio-wave image, and an inner sleeve featuring Ralph Gibson’s Hand Through a Doorway on one side, and a track listing on the other.

Yeah But What Else

Do I intend to add any more Joy Division to my collection? Maybe. I need to give a serious listen to both Still and Substance to see if they’re worth hunting down. Given that I still haven’t fleshed out my early New Order, that will probably take priority for the near future.

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