The Cardigans – First Band on the Moon

What has been added to my collection?

The Cardigans – First Band on the Moon (1996) on Vinyl

Why was it added?

This album was likely my favourite “discovery” during our OneHitWonder review journey. There were other albums that I debatably preferred, but I knew them before reviewing them. First Band on the Moon caught me off-guard. It was surprisingly dark beneath that shiny pop veneer. It was good enough that I had added it to my mental list, and when I found it for half-price at a Boxing Day sale (thanks Sunrise!), I pulled the trigger.

The Music

Now that I’m not forbidden from choosing the hit single, I have to say that “Lovefool” holds up as my favourite, but “Your New Cuckoo” is a very close second. For my significantly more thorough look at the album, you can check out our OneHitWonder review!


I really do enjoy this album. It has levels, and rewards becoming familiar with its songs. This 2019 pressing comes in a lovely gatefold cover, complete with lyrics, and a custom sleeve with band art.

Yeah But What Else

Do I intend to add any more of The Cardigans to my collection? Maybe? Maybe not? If a copy of Gran Turismo turns up for a good price, it’ll probably be too hard to resist.

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